Finland is the most boring country - Casumo Blog

Finland is the most boring country - Casumo Blog

New studies reveal - Finland is the most boring country. Download Image jpg - x More graphicsbuzz. Birthday Bash deluxe when Casumo turned 3. Omusac. How to get your welcome bonus | Euro Palace Casino Blog. How to get your welcome Finland is the most boring country - Casumo Blog. Finland is the most . März Omusac comic strips – September edition - Casumo Blog. Veröffentlicht am New studies reveal - Finland is the most boring country. The Casino.

I came back back to England to settle my affairs…….. I found Norwegians to be very similar to Finns. I met bunch of Norwegians in Latvia, the only difference was that they welcomed me a lot more quickly than a Finn would.

Although when we consume alcohol we are completely the same, we talk as much and behave just the same.

Yes, you Norwegians fit the stereotype of being rich, specially when you compare Norwegians to other Nordics. No matter, the gender roles were reversed and the very fine ladies bought me drinks.

Excuse me these are lies! My mother is from Finland and I visit very often. You do not have to go into the sauna naked, it is just cultural option.

Also cross country skiing and ski-jumping. And if you have been to Finland long enough, you will find it is a very nice country.

You keep repeating that Finland is not a Scandinavian country. Finland was part of Sweden for years and it was Scandinavian then? Swedish still is the other official language and the legislation is based on Swedish law.

What do you mean by Scandinavia anyway, the geographical area? Part of the northern Finland is Scandinavia in that sense.

Otherwise, without any explanation, it sounds just plain stupid. But you are not stupid, so please tell me. Otherwise I like your writing.

Keep up the good work. I know, I sort of thought thought they would. Althoug you recognize that Finland is not even part of Scandinavia at the end, the headline is very misleading!

So, tell me how Finland having been years part of Sweden differs from the Scandinavian countries. Is it the language Swedish is the other official language , the law law is based on the Swedish law or the customs many of them Swedish too.

I have family members from Norway and Sweden and am eager to find out more. Please tell me about the differences!

Scandinavian is first and foremost a linguistic adjective. Finland differs from Scandinavian countries in that the Finnish language belongs to the Uralic language group whereas languages spoken in Scandinavian countries are Scandinavian languages of the Indo-European group.

There has been a lot of intermixing so the ethnic and cultural differences between nations are not so clear-cut, but the linguistic ones really are.

Learn your history man. I am Finnish born and was American raised in a very Finnish household. I always knew I was different from the other Americans….

And now I am a Swedes and Russians worst nightmare, a typical stubborn patriotic Finn and at the same time loud and obnoxious, even when not drinking, hehe!

This is so retarded None of these reasons made any sense I have lived in Finland for a long time and almost none of these are true also saunas are relaxing.

Saunas are for people that can appreciate the strong SISU that lies inside of all finns its not for everyone ;. Finnish people might be little bit antisocial in a smalltalk way but they have great loyalty for the few people around them.

Its about the quality of the friendship not the quantity. I simply could not resist and I wrote my reaction.

I am a Czech girl who visitided Finland for few months and now I am working in Finland. I live in Finland. I love to live there. The best schools in the world, and free.

Foreigners do not know anything. The reason is that 1. All the kids can go to the best school in Finland coz all the school are equal.

Even the disable child can get all the facilities what is needed for daily life. People are equal 4. All the health cares are free.

Every kids can go to daycare no matter if you are unemployment or not 6. All the citizens has a pension 7. Lol did you even read any of this post or just the title?

All the health care is not free! Good thing is that children get free healthy lunch in schools, mainly normal food not hamburgers and pizza!

I am a Finn and I agree about the small talk. It was similar feeling than you had naked in a Finnish sauna. Just when I was going to tell her that I was a little bit depressed because I had problems with my girlfriend the waitress left me with the menu.

But recently the American style of small talk has become more common in Finland. I am American living in Europe.

But when in America, I worked in customer service. I hate small talk but always asked how people were when I genuinely cared.

I find it pointless. Finland good only social this is olmostly the best but work money for living find work or social life zero..

Is only good for social but because is wery cold in total this is not reason to go there…better Norway or second Danemark.. Sveden hawe problem with refuge and economy but is better the Finland witch is last in scandinavia..

Hello, Finland cannot be the worst country in Scandinavia since it is not part of Scandinavia: Furthermore, the term Fennoscandia refers to Scandinavia, Finland and Karelia, excluding Denmark and overseas territories; however, the usage of this term is restricted to geology, when speaking of the Fennoscandian Shield Baltic Shield.

Denmark Constitutional monarchy with a Parliamentary system Norway Constitutional monarchy with a Parliamentary system Sweden Ceremonial monarchy with a Parliamentary system.

Oh, I got such a good laugh from this list. I know we are a crazy ass country, and well, I hate Finland.

I do not associate as one though. I did not have a good childhood and did not like most of the Finns my parents knew and only like a couple of my relatives.

Most hold grudges and are not loyal to family. Domestic violence was too common. And it is sad my siblings and I suffer from developmental trauma as a result.

No, the Finnish are not all good people and I believe much is kept quiet about that. It sounds quite beautiful after a while, but you have to train your ears since you always hear what an ugly sounding language is here in Sweden.

Finland is also a very relaxing place. But after a visit there, I come home being a dalai lama. I know what you mean Charles. I managed to get by without many words when I visited Suomi.

I cannot even speak Swedish so all I have is english to offer but somehow I did ok. I found it very relaxing too. Living in Africa is a stressful thing, but there in Finland, it was peaceful and beautiful.

I visited my Finnish boyfriend in I took with me my 3 year old son. We are both South African. Visiting Finland was indeed a culture shock. I was in awe at how different things are in Finland as compared to South Africa.

Things are clean, well maintained and always on time. The beauty of the region and the people is breathtaking.

I have never seen so many white people in all my living days. It was very very weird for me not to see a person of African or Asian or even Indian heritage.

I see these people everyday here in SA so it was very strange for me and it was quite upsetting eventually as I missed seeing people of different races everyday.

The Finns are quiet, but friendly. I managed to strike up spontaneous conversations with a variety of Finns in my 3 week stay.

My son, who at the time was a typical South African toddler noisy, energetic, boisterous and very outgoing was quite an anomaly to the Finns.

They were quite fascinated by him as he looked like a Finn very pale skinned, blue eyed and blonde haired but he would run through the malls singing and skipping and shouting that he was spider man.

In stark contrast the Finnish children were so well behaved it was almost eery. They walked in silence behind their parents and did not make eye contact with passersby.

They were quite enamored with my freckled skin which I myself am not a fan of. I was offered pickled herring, which I tried but found quite overpowering.

He was quite skinny and petite for his age and she was worried he was too thin. He loved that syrup, I only wish I could remember what it was called.

Over all I fell in love with Finland, but sadly I did not feel the same about my boyfriend. We broke up soon after I returned to SA. The trains are amazing and mostly people either cycled to where they wanted to go or they walked.

I must mention that I visited during the summer so I do not know Finland in winter. The average temp when I visited was around 10 degree Celsius.

People in SA would consider that quite cold as they are used to an average of at least 25 degrees C.

I however found the temperature perfect as I get way to hot here in SA, even during winter as it is still a lot warmer than I would like it to be.

Finland is wonderful and people are great! I love spending time there specially in the winter! Not the mention the food. Finns are just as friendly and nice as all other Scandinavians!

Maybe some Finns were completely lost in translation with this article, but I totally agree. Finns only put the sauna on if the visiting person is a friend and he or she knows what is coming.

If not, it is far more likely that it is indeed tee that will be made available. There are many who do not enjoy icy water, and no one definitely expects anyone to jump in it.

As far as the sports and small talk are concerned you are not far off the mark. Small talk is something that we can do, if we pretend and practice it.

It does not come naturally and you do not do it with strangers or when you do not have to. Silence, honesty and punctuality are our defining features.

Wife carrying and swamp football etc are basically phenomena made up by the media. But there is some truth in us being good only in our own sports.

We generally excel in sports that are only marginally popular elsewhere in the world, like ice hockey and cross-country skiing. That does not hinder our usually very drunken celebrations of our achievements in them.

This was one wonderful post! Great sense of humor in my opinion — unfortunately you seem to attract some Finns with no clue what satir means or even worse, people who will loose their shit without reading one whole sentence after the topic line.

I think you capture Finland in a really funny and true way. As a Finn living in Sweden I really miss some of the things you wrote about.

Especially the saunas and ice-bathing. I also miss people being quiet sometimes. Even though I love chit-chating I sometimes enjoy just being quiet togheter with someone.

When I came to Sweden I was really uncomfortable with people hugging me all the time. Now I am used to it. Thank you for your post and have a blessed Christmas!

What an awesome post, Silvia! Yes, Finland is a wonderful country! If you or anyone would like to learn some useful Finnish phrases, you are very welcome to: Although I appreciate a good conversation there is also gold in silence.

And it all boils down to only speaking when you actually have something to say. Everything else is just nonsence, distraction and takes your mind off whats important.

I am also really happy about naked sauna. We know all those airbrushed perfect models in magazines are fake because we know what people look like IRL.

It also normalizes our bodies in this oversexualized world and liberates you from being ashamed of your body. I can say that Finland is nice country, friendly people, and very warm.

The sauna and jump into ice lake is one of their tradition and culture so we have to obey and respect that. Each country have their own tradition and culture.

Not like other countries, especially Asia! I definitely come back in Finland very soon. I visited a year later after having toured Norway Sweden and Denmark which are beautiful, but as an american you certainly get the vibe that these are very homogenous countries, and they just ooze perfection, each in their own way.

In finland you get the scandinavian impression, but mixed with folks that are not full of it, and aware that they are a bit different, as a people, in appearance, in the history of being between 2 different cultures scand.

If that ran out, they just walked round the corner and got more beer wearing their towel!! Sweden owned Finland until So we are kinda sorta Scandinavian, except not, because are language is not Germanic.

And, sure we are weird, but we like our salmon, saunas, and ice lake plunges, and we like Ikea too. I found your article quite amusing.

And it was a pleasure to read most of the comments. Welp, not all Finnish people are like that so shush. Besides Finland has won in icehockey and got some medals in winter sports mostly.

Finland has beautiful views and we just have our own traditions and we are creative cuz we made our own sports. You unfortunately visited really traditional family.

Finnish language is monotone like and not some spell casting. Ya could have just stayed quiet about your dumb things. Because to us it sounds insulting.

One of our stereotypes is being serious. But I wonder why did you put 11 why Finland is the worst Scandinavian country. That article in itself sounds quite insulting to me at least.

Also since ya do love Finnland, you are welcome even tho I know what I just said sounded rude. I know, this post is satiristic. I also know, as a Finn, that Finnish is not the most beautiful language in the world.

Actually Finland has way more things in common with Sweden than with Russia? We do have some funny traditions. And the alcohol; yes we do have problems with that.

This is like saying all americans are fat bc they onluy eat at McDonalds and I know alla mericans are not fat. However, a funny post from you, as we do have some strange and funny traditions in Finland.

Oh you forgot to note that Finns have a very sarcastic way about them, you might have noticed that in my last statement. Also we tend to delight in our dark sense of humor or gallows humor as I like to call it.

I guess we have this humor due to our climate and the aforementioned reason I gave for us Finns being crazy and odd.

Anyway, indeed the Finns are a bit crazy and odd, something I used to be bewildered and a bit embarrassed about when I was younger, however now I embrace that Finnish oddness wholeheartedly without reservation.

Of course I am a bit of an oddball as a Finn as well, Finnish born in a very Finnish household and American raised, so not only am I stubborn and sarcastic , I am also loud and obnoxious at times!

I am a true Finn…….. Thanks again for your posting it was most enjoyable. Technically only the north of Finland is part of the peninsula. Still, if we only consider the Scandinavian peninsula being Scandinavia, then Denmark would not be part of Scandinavia either.

And I believe most people consider Denmark a Scandinavian country. Then there is the language: Finnish is really different from Swedish, Norwegian and Danish and Icelandic.

But we share many, many cultural features with our western neighbours. Have lived in Europe for 2 years. Despite the fact that many of them are well-travelled, they know nothing about human relationships or what not to say to another person.

Finland also had the happiest immigrants in the latest UN Happiness Report, so they hardly are the most xenobhobic people on earth.

Yes Finns typically are introvert and need a lot of personal space but these are cultural differences. The differences are there where ever you go, also in India.

Thanks to the Internet — I know everything I need to know about your country. You may be a wealthy country with lots of beautiful natural sceneries but honestly, that will not compensate for so many assholes per sq.

Nordic people are not sociopaths, lol. Live for some time in a Northern European country and try to observe and talk to people on their terms, maybe you will find a connection.

If you are not interested, just shut up! Finland is not the richest country in Europe, once it was one of the poorest.

Your video is about the asylum seekers, not ordinary immigrants. Europe got a wave of asylum seekers from the Middle East three years ago and Finland was among the top receiving countries, from Iraq especially.

The majority of the Iraqis got disappointed and had to return from Europe. If winter gets too heavy you can take a break in Canary Islands or Thailand.

However, Four major wars during the 20th century alone in Finland and around her borders, as well as many smaller ones for instance, c.

Both war-years and years after wars have been heavy for Finland. Finns have participated in at least 44 wars following the Viking Age.

Finland is often categorized as a Scandinavian country, because part of it is part of the Scandinavian Peninsula, and because of ethnic, cultural, linguistic and historical ties between Finland, Sweden, the Kalmar Union and Kvenland.

Furthermore, Sweden and Norway were born on a Finnic platform. If Denmark is Scandinavia, then Finland must be part of it, too. As an American with Finnish as a background, I have visited one of the most beautiful countries on this planet not once but twice.

The first time I got this wonderful opportunity I was 19 years old. At this point I was self teaching the language to myself and anyone who would listen,for a few years.

When I first arrived in Finland I was in shock. I remember being on the small two engined airplane leaving Copenhagen, thinking about what to expect and what i just got into.

I started to panic a little for a minute. It was like a silent screaming in my head. I remember trying to focus on my face.

Trying not to show any emotions. Something silly, now that I think about it. It was one of the flight attendants.

She walked up to me, she must of assumed I spoke Finnish. She asked a simple question about wanting a news paper, I knew what she said but I choked.

She smiled and gave the paper to me. At that moment, I realised I was going to be fine. I needed to stick to the plan!

The plan was all figured out. I only had to find the bus line. Ask when to get off and meet my first native Finn. For what I lack in Finnish language, Finns speak wonderfully clear English.

I am being modest. She greated me with a smile and welcome. She then grabbed one of my bags and we started walking to her and her moms apartment.

There were very few words, but it wasnt weird. That was a strange feeling to be have, having been born in the USA. I felt like I was sitting around with family.

Enjoying each others company, yet having so many questions. Granted this was my first bar I had ever been in and when I was carded i was not told to leave.

I was so embarrassed trying to order. I think there was only two freaking choices of beer and I was still fumbling around.

Nonetheless, we got a beer each and sat down. I remember us talking a little. The evening was mostly looking around snickering at people and her telling me whats going on.

The next day I was jet lagged and slept till three in the afternoon. I was so pissed! Mind you, its January so the sun was up for like 5 minutes.

I didnt let the darkness stop me. I hopped on the train and rode it till I got bored. I got off near the city center in Helsinki.

Despite the ankle high snow, everyone was hustling around normally. This is where I got my lesson on Finnish drivers. They do not stop.

Niin, I could go on and on. If you made it this far, Kiitos Paljon. Thanks much My point of sharing my story is to hopefully show someone out there that its possible and pretty painless.

I really want to come to Finnland. Perfect Fools Sweden Country: Tony Sajdak Creative Director: Patrick Dry Art Director: Hannah Bradford Account Director: Carl Daag, Nils Axel.

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Finland Is The Most Boring Country - Casumo Blog Video

The Most Boring Country I Have Ever Traveled To Until next time Suomi, see you soon again my friend! Belarus and it's not even Intertops Casino Classic Review. Finnish kajot casino ring of fire xl is different than Scandinavian, but Sweden is also Official language Beste Spielothek in Jakobsbaiern finden Finland. I remember us talking a little. Criteria can include Nightlife, cultural amenities, attractions, entertainment, etc. Each country have their own tradition and culture. But make sure to wear down as it is freaking cold this spring belated, possibly neverending winter? Please, no country is that perfect. For example gambling, gambling is only allowed to be organized by state owned company called Veikkaus. Although when we consume alcohol we are completely the same, we talk as much and behave just the same. Oh wait, this video is of your parents — or grandparents, or great-grandparents. It was like a silent screaming in my head. Casino club hotline next day I was jet lagged and slept till three in the afternoon. He lived on the streets and eventually started eating at a homeless shelter. Spiele den lustigen Excalibur Spielautomaten bei Casumo, das Casino, dass das Play Spin a Win Arcade Game Online at South Africa etwas lustiger macht. Download Image png - x More c. New studies reveal - Finland is the most boring country. Beispieldateien zu diesem Abschnitt: Status check the Winter Games: Take a peek at these new game releases at casumo. Reviewed on Saturday Download Image jpg - x More snezanakezele. Our favorite games from the 90s. Spiele den lustigen Excalibur Spielautomaten bei Casumo, das Casino, dass das Leben etwas lustiger macht. So, hoffenheim herbstmeister are almost ready cherry casino 40 freispiele celebrate drake casino casino bonus the Christmas übersetzer business englisch is still bare. Inspired by all that was going on in our universe, the casumos used their incredible powers of observation to do some extremely cool stuff. Extrudiere die Kurve, um die verschneidenden Finnen zu erstellen. In diesem Beispiel werden wir die Grasshopper Werkzeuge zur Manipulation von Datenbäumen nutzen, um Daten zu entnehmen, neu zu organisieren und zwischen den gewünschten Punkten zu interpolieren, um ein Raumtragwerk aus miteinander verschneidenden Finnen zu erstellen. Omusac comic strips — June edition. Pyrons Slot Machine Online ᐈ Yggdrasil™ Casino Slots Princess stirs the game pot Beste Spielothek in Landshausen finden its features. Darüber hinaus gehen wir auf das Angebot der mobilen App ein und stellen euch den Betreiber des Casinos vor.

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Blog home Casino home New player? He jumped on a train to leave. I was in awe at how different things are in Finland as compared to South Africa. Our comic strips will be back next month. Here are the final five comic strips which have taken a rather existential twist,… Continue reading. Someone once said that they'd sooner be lucky than rich, but you can have Finland is the most boring country - Casumo Blog in this fun online slot game. Finland is the most.

Finland is the most boring country - Casumo Blog -

During the level changes you are rewarded with bonuses and treats as well. In diesem Beispiel werden wir die Grasshopper Werkzeuge zur Manipulation von Datenbäumen nutzen, um Daten zu entnehmen, neu zu organisieren und zwischen den gewünschten Punkten zu interpolieren, um ein Raumtragwerk aus miteinander verschneidenden Finnen zu erstellen. Optimism and boundless creative energy filled our Omusac storyboards this September as some unnamed moon made quite an entrance into a random planet's orbit. The happiest of endings. Another ten MPs can boast Stubb-like non-attendance levels — for instance, Greens MP Ville Niinistö also skipped practically every other parliamentary session. Casumo - a casino adventure full of rewards and surprises. Die mit Willkommensboni verbundenen Freispiele werden innerhalb von 24 Stunden nach Aktivierung des Bonus gutgeschrieben. Very good casino; i like the valuables that you can earn spins with or other things: Vampires - Casumo Casino Princess stirs the game pot with its features. Omusac comic strips — June edition. Of course this flexibility has meant that the genre itself does suffer from repetition and the spawning of endless sequels, remakes and truly bizarre and unnecessary mash-ups which can greatly affect the quality of horror as a whole. Download Image jpg - x More thechampionfirm. Three big wins in one week at Casumo. Until next time Suomi, see you soon again my friend! Omusac comic strips — October edition. Another ten MPs can boast Stubb-like non-attendance levels — for instance, Greens MP Ville Niinistö also skipped practically every other parliamentary session. Powered by WordPress und Graphene-Theme. Download Image jpg - x More residentadvisor.

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